Removable Devices

Removable Devices

Data LossWe use a number of different Removable devices every day. We store important information in such devices, such as our pictures and documents. Removable devices often get damaged or corrupted. Below you will see some information about when your removable device faces such a problem.


USB usually becomes corrupt, unreadable or fail to be recognized. A USB works in a similar manner as any normal hard drive and follows the same procedure used is recovering any lost photos. Data can be recovered from a corrupted or damaged USB cards.

Sometimes data gets corrupted without any fault from your side. USB flash hard drives become corrupted or unreadable. You might want to recover all your important files such as documents, presentations, data, photos and other such stuff. If your USB flash drive happens to fail, the best thing you should do it unplug it from the USB port.

Camera Card Recovery:

ADR Data Recovery is the best there is when you want to recover any lost data or pictures. They recover Memory sticks, ALL SD cards, type m XD picture cards, type H XD picture cards and compact flash memory cards. SD camera cards can often become corrupted or damaged, so you might want to recover all your pictures from it. These pictures can be from vacations, parties or simply photos related to the work you do. ADR recover data from the following manufacturers:

  • SanDisk
  • PNY
  • Fuji
  • Memorex and many more.

DVD Data Recovery:

CD’s and DVD’s are often used for different tasks, and are a preferred medium for games and video. What if you lose access to all of your backed files such as a book, a collection of important documents or family photos? Has your CD or DVD stopped reading or got corrupted? If any of this happens, one should give a call to ADR to recover all your data and files. They make use of exclusive tools and software and run a deep-scan on your device, which helps them in recovering the data.

DLT Tapes:

ADR Data Recovery will help any customer in converting their DLT Tapes from one media to another. They also help is converting DLT tapes in order to gain access to data stored on old tapes or cartridges. Plus, if there is any media which has been acquired from any outside source, but you can’t read it, ADR will help you in that too.

Floppy Disk Recovery:

There are several cases where customers have to recover data from old Zip disks or floppy disks. Sometimes the recovery can be a bit complex because the disks are old and haven’t been used for years, or they aren’t readable by your computer. So, if you need to recover data from floppy disks or zip disks, you should contact ADR for help.

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