The Akron Data Recovery Center is one of the well-known companies that offer their services of recovering data in any condition and from any type of device. Efficient staff at their company uses the most modern technology and methods to achieve this purpose.

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the procedure of handling and salvaging the data from inaccessible, damaged, corrupted or failed secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally.

Why Choose Akron Data Recovery Information Recovery System?

Akron Data Recovery Information Recovery makes a portable and integrated medical record system for retrieving, collecting and storing medical history of individuals. Its system offers security and safety to patients while giving pertinent real-time information, such as immunizations, emergency contacts, allergies, physicians, surgeries and illnesses.

  • Leader in its services

Akron Data Recovery Information Recovery has proved to be a leader while working with the medical neighborhood, because of its way of accessibility. Their pleasant and professional workers are dedicated to making sure that customers are supplied continual information procedure status reviews throughout the information recovery method.

  • Focuses on Data Recovery Needs

Physicians, RNs, LVNs, biotech firms and clinical workers are not be distracted by a failed hard drive or information loss. Their concentration is on their research, treatment and patients and they are not concerned about losing data. While they are concentrating on their clinical practices, the ADR Information Recovery concentrates on the data recovery requirements.

  • Immediately Recovers Data In case of Emergency

Pharmaceutical companies, medical research centers, hospitals and biotechnology along with other industries of healthcare are generally susceptible to information or data loss. However, now they can completely focus on their research and patients because Akron Data Recovery Information Recovery is always there for recovering important and valuable records in case of emergency, such as disk drive failure.

Research on Medical Data Recovery

A research has revealed that the companies which participated in the latest survey of Cost of Downtime declared that in 2011, the average expense per record of the healthcare data breach was $ 240. This is 24 percent greater as compared to the regular. The data breaches of Healthcare are the fourth best in the market, behind the communication, pharmaceutical and financial sectors.

In 2010, it has been also discovered in a survey of CA Technologies that the businesses lose more than $26.5 billion each year just because of lost profit, and the reason behind this is IT downtime.


Akron Data Recovery Information Recovery restores important data files and medical records successfully. Their clients include professionals in the fields of Molecular Biology, Life Science Research, Biocomputing, Biochemistry, Biophysicists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Hospital Administration, Biomedical Research and Biotechnology.

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