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Because of increased dependence and usage on the internet for the individual and corporate users, now electronic communication is the paper and standard communication. It means that in every legal matter, relevant and critical evidence is stored on corporate and business computer systems electronically.

Computer Forensics Associates

The objective of Computer Forensics Associates is to examine digital media in a sound manner with the goal of presenting, analyzing, recovering, identifying and preserving opinions and facts about the digital information.

The proper collection of evidence is important in all civil litigations and criminal investigations. This is why they use non-destructive and non-intrusive procedures to get into your hard drive and then retrieve all the forensic information that you are looking for.

Duties of Computer Forensics Associates

  • Computer Forensics Associates help in ensuring proper handling and examination of your evidence and its proper collection.
  • The computer forensics department offers electronic and forensic evidence discovery services.
  • They have highly trained computer forensics professionals who uncover computer evidence and electronic data trails to assist in the prosecution and investigation of civil and criminal cases for various firms and institution.
  • It does not matter that you need recovery of deleted files for proving your case, computer forensics or an expert witness to present and document recovered data, the Computer Forensics Associates handle your case with security and confidentiality.

Types of Servers

  • Cluster Servers

A cluster comprises of two or more computers that work together in providing a higher level of scalability, availability and reliability that cannot be obtained by using a single computer.

  • Mail Servers

A mail server is a computer that is present within your network and works as your virtual post office. Generally, a mail server consists of a storage area where e-mail is stored in communications modules and local users.

  • IIS Server

Internet Information Services is the most widely used web server. It runs on Windows NT Platforms and allows data and other information to be accessed through the extranet, internet or an intranet.

  • Apache Server

Apache is recognized as the most popular Web server worldwide. The Apache Web server offers a full variety of Web server features, such as virtual domains, CGI and SSL.

ADR Data Recovery

The ADR Data Recovery system specializes in recovering data different types of data, including

  • VM Recovery
  • MySQL Recovery
  • SQL Recovery
  • Raid Data Recovery

ADR Data Recovery works with the computer novices and as well as IT professionals. They recognize that in spite of their computer experience when your equipment fails, it is a big issue.

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