Data Recovery Services – What You Need To Know

Data Recovery Services – What You Need To Know

If you’ve experienced data corruption, in one way or another, you must know how devastating it would be unable to access your files. Some data loss you can see coming like maybe you forgot to save your file.

However, some data loss can only be explained as data corruption. In this article, we will look at data loss and make you understand what’s causing it.

There are some instances where the files inside a computer are sensitive and very important. Deleted delicate files can have the ability to fully destroy an enterprise. If you have a business and you have important digital assets such as customer files, accounting records along with other sensitive information, you are prone to data corruption.

After getting data loss, it would be really hard to recover anything from your computer since most of what’s left are fragmented and lost data. Fortunately, data loss doesn’t happen frequently but when they do, they prove to be quite costly.


Hardware and system malfunction are the main causes of data loss. Hard drives that are used for many hours are more likely to suffer malfunction since they are subjected to wear and tear. It is estimated that almost half of data loss are direct result of hardware malfunction.

So if you think that your hardware is advanced enough and won’t be subject to data loss, you better think again. You are in just as much risk as anybody. When you factor in the up time for hard drives, businesses are in more risk since they keep their hard drives running 24/7.

Regardless of the cause of data corruption, there are numerous ways you can retrieve the files. You can simply call in a data recovery specialist to retrieve the files for you. Data restoration companies will offer different services that will cater to your needs. Make sure to ask for a quote first before deciding which company to hire.

Also, it is important to get an estimate of the damage to your hard drive. It is not always a guarantee that all the files will be retrieved. A major crash of your hard disk will require a much delicate approach and even then, no one can really tell how much of the data can be retrieved.


If the data you lost were stored on a file server, there is another way to retrieve your files. Many file servers today have RAID systems. This device called RAID uses more than one hard drive for storing data.

Using RAID on your computer will allow for your data to be duplicated into a new drive giving you backup in case a data loss happen. In order for this to work though is you need to have RAID before you lose your data. Using RAID is a low cost data recovery option that can save you a lot of money.

There are many data recovery methods available for corrupted hard drives. The cost of each of these will depend on what technology is being used. Obviously, the most complex ones are the most expensive. Also, the extent of the hard disk damage is taken into account before accounting the actual cost of data recovery.

Should you decide to get a low cost data recovery, make sure that the hard drives are secured so no other damage can be done to it. Also, make sure that you sign an agreement disallowing them to use any of your retrieved files for your own security.

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