About Us

About Us

Akron Data Recovery

Akron Data Recovery is a place where we provide services to individuals and/or businesses who want to recover data from any type of device, no matter what the condition is. We make use of professional recovery methods whose success rate is quite high. Our company has a resourceful staff that uses the latest state of the art methods and technology for recovering data from a device.

The techniques and methods used by Akron Data Recovery are results oriented and proven. And in many previous cases we have had great success. We acknowledge that each data recovery project has its own challenges and uniqueness. That ultimately means that to recover data from the many different devices, new methods must be used for restoring data from those devices.

We believe that if there is even a slight chance for the data to be recovered from a device, we will not rest until all efforts have been made to achieve that.

Your Data is valued by us:

Live Human support is always available at our website because we value your data and our time as well. Customers can talk to any live person round the clock at any time of need. Each person at our company fully understands how valuable your data is and how important it is for you to recover it. Keeping that in mind, it is our number one priority that your data is recovered and restored. We always make sure that all of your recovered data remains safe and confidential.

Quality is What We Believe in:

We strongly believe in quality, not quantity. We are aware that each data recovery project is different from the other, and it therefore requires different techniques and skills. We also keep our customers in loop during the data restoring process.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority, although we cannot guarantee results we will certainly try our level best to recover as much data as we can for our clients.

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